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Rules and Regulations

  • Adult and exclusive venue for over 18 years old.


  • It is forbidden to use any electronic device that allows the registration of images of any kind, as well as audio or any other record of the establishment or its frequenters.


  • Smoking is allowed only in the specific area for smokers.


  • It is strictly forbidden to consume drugs or narcotics inside the establishment.


  • It is strictly forbidden to provide any kind of paid service inside the establishment.


  • The responsibility of the items left in the locker is the entire responsibility of the client.


  • The amount paid by the client for admission is for the purpose of access to the establishment.


  • We reserve the right to control the number of customers entering the establishment, either by capacity situations, compliance with the rules of the Diretorate General of Health – Ministry of Health or any public body, as well as issues related to the operation of the establishment.


  • Failure to comply with the rules and regulations, implies the prohibition of access and/or permanence in the establishment without the right to reimbursement of the amount paid by the client. Ordinance No. 215/2015 of May 31, in its Article 12 among other issues defines as rules of access to establishments, among which:


- Access or permanence in establishments may be refused to those who disturb their normal operation namely by those who refuse to comply with the operating rules imposed by legal or private provisions of the establishment, provided that these restrictions are duly advertised.


- Failure to comply with the rules and regulations implies the prohibition of access and/or permanence in the establishment without the right to reimbursement of the amount paid for the same.


- Clients must respect each other in order not to invade each other's privacy, either by accessing areas that are being used behind closed doors (offices and rooms), or by not having non-consented physical contact or access to areas reserved for couples and ladies. Invasions of privacy, such as knocking on closed doors, insisting on proximity to each other without consent, as well as behaviour that disturbs tranquillity, such as talking loudly, not giving others the opportunity to enjoy the equipment and rooms, will not be tolerated.

- It is strictly forbidden for single men to access areas reserved for couples and single women.

- Clients must wear slippers inside the establishment.


  • Rules for using the SPA (Jacuzzis)

- Having sex is expressly forbidden inside.

- The maximum capacity of the equipment must always be respected.

- In order for all customers to enjoy the facilities, the maximum usage time is 20m.

- Always enter and exit the stairway with the utmost care.

- Remain in your seat, at rest in order to enjoy the equipment without disturbing other clients.

- It is forbidden to make any kind of approach or sexual contact within the equipment.


  • The mode of entry and exit of the space will be according to what was defined at the time of arrival (single or couple). The modality change implies the payment of a new entrance ticket with the value corresponding to the new modality.


  • The loyalty card "10x1" will only be stamped in the entrance in the day of the customer's attendance. It is not allowed to add entries from several cards.

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